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This is the only product i have ordered from woodcraft that has not worked as advertised. This sander is designed to be tailored to every project and features ultraprecise control for any sanding project. Ive followed the manual, called jet s support tech and ive even broken the bolt from tightening it too much. The belt keeps drifting towards the risefall mechanism so that every five or six minutes i have to stop, slacken it.

View and download jet 1632 plus operating instructions and parts manual online. Infeed and outfeed tables optional accessory the sander should be bolted to the stand or a work. I am only in the setup and honeymoon phase with this tool but i have to say that the cost to value ratio is incredible. The jet 1632 plus drum sander elevates the primary woodworking tasks of sanding from long and slow to short and. Im having trouble getting my conveyor belt to track straight without pulling towards the left. If you are looking for the just the switch key, it is part number jsg965a. Jet 2244 plus drum sander belt conveyor 560mm x 1206mm.

Drum sander replacement conveyor belts premium quality. Review of jet 629004k performax drum sander a dependable. Compatible with your jet performax 1632 drum sander. This conveyor belt will not fit the older jet 1632 drum sander. Jet 600316p 16 powerfeed conveyor belt 1632 plus ebay. Jet 629004k 1632 plus 16inch 112horsepower open stand. Well, the box of parts has sat for a long time, but i got it done this past weekend. Changing belts is a breeze you can remove a belt and install a different grit belt in about the same time it takes you to change the blade on a table saw and a heck of a lot quicker than installing a blade on a bandsaw. For years now i have had the problem with the drive belt not tracking and i am determined to fix it. Conveyor belt trackers reduce the need for manual belt adjustments. Setting the tracking of the conveyor was relatively painless and tuning the angle of attack for the drum was easy as could be. My only real gripe is that the manual that came with my 1020 plus was actually for a 1632 plus. Jet 1632 plus operating instructions and parts manual.

Buy 600316p aftermarket replacement conveyor belt for jet 1632 sander. When i first got the sander, i looked into swapping out the controller. The really trick part of the jet 1632 plus drum sander design is the open end that lets you sand pieces up to 32 wide. It must be re tensioned before operating the sander. The jet 1632 plus drum sander elevates the primary woodworking tasks of sanding from long and slow to short and fast, one may even venture to say fun. The conveyor belt is driven separately by a directdrive, dc motor with 43 in. For more than 14 years, jets 1632 drum sander with stand has been the. Now, jet is enhancing this sander with new features, which include toolless conveyor belt parallelism adjustment, depth scale on the drum height adjustment handwheel and advanced dust hood design. Troubleshooting drive belt alignment a woodworker gets help with the belt tracking on a drum sander.

I have the performax manual, and it has instructions for changing the conveyor belt on page 16. Jet 629004k 1632 plus drum sander with stand the tool nut. Its 100 grit and 16 size make it the ideal high quality replacement conveyor belt for your jet or performax drum sander. It needs cleaning, a new conveyor belt and a dust hood. Home web specials replacement conveyor belt for accuraryobiperformax etc 1632 sander. Get the best deals on jet when you shop the largest online selection at. I, like many have minor conveyor tracking issues, and for the most part have gotten. Shape doesnt matter to the jet 1632 plus drum sander either. Jet 1632 drum sander updated features woodworkers journal. The cloth backing makes the belt far more durable compared to cheaper paper backed conveyor belts.

The conveyor belt that fits the older machine is our part number 102487. The correct part number for the switch assembly on the jet 1632 sander is 994534. The jet 1632 plus drum sander can transform your work from machined quality lumber to a finish quality project of all shapes and sizes. To replace conveyor belt, raise drum to highest position.

Feed belt for performax 1632 drum sander 16 x 43 12. Secure ordering, knowledgeable tool experts, family owned since 1994. Adjust the belt tracking while the conveyor belt is running at its. Unplug machine from wall outlet and unplug motor cord from control box receptacle. Jet 1632 plus operating and parts manual pdf download. Drum sander, 80grit abrasive strip, 100grit abrasive belt, tuftool, metal stand with shelf. It is made of heavy grade rubber like what many people use for feed on. Jet updates popular 1632 plus drum sander jet tools. This combination provides both consistent sanding power and fine control of conveyor speed. I had a 1632 jet drum sander and used it with every project. Klingspors woodworking shop is full line distributor of woodworking tools and supplies from respected companies like klingspor abrasives, delta woodworking machinery, jet tools and equipment, powermatic, bosch, porter cable, fein, dewalt, sorby, tormek, etc. The jet 600316p powered conveyor belt is designed for the most demanding professional applications. Jet updates 1632 plus drum sander tool box buzz tool. The 120 grit abrasive gives ample traction to your work piece for non slip performance.

Hermes conveyor belt 405 x 1,095mm cloth sanding machine. Separate feed and drum motors provide independent control of conveyor and drum speed. Jet 1632 drum sander with stand and infeedoutfeed tables. The failure cause is usually to be found in the installation itself and may be the result of poorly adjusted pulleys and rollers, incorrect application of belt tracking measures or faulty design. Custom made so allow 3 days for the splice to fully cure before use. Fits performax 1632 drum sanders and older style jet 1632 j629004k drum sanders. Hello dan, the item you are looking for is the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is driven separately by a directdrive, dc motor. If you need to sand and level veneered plywood, cabinet doors, highly figured wood, or thin panels, this drum sander may become your tool of choice. Jet jwds1632226 conveyor belt for drum sander sanding.

The newly upgraded supermax 1632 drum sander has a number of features that make sanding every easier. Feed belt for performax 2244 pro drum sander 23x6214. Now, this versatile, accurate and affordable midsize drum sander has raised the bar again with new features, including toolless conveyor belt parallelism adjustment, depth scale on. This manual is provided by jet covering the safe operation and maintenance procedures for a jet model 1632 plus drum sander. All belts are built with an ultra strong bidirectional, no bump tape joint.

It is the first thing in the section servicing your performax now jet 1632. Sand panels up to 32 wide in just two easy passes with the jet 1632 drum sander. The 629004k performax is a 1632 drum sander, powered by a 1 and 12 hp motor. Jet 1632 drum sander conveyor belt issues by lance. This manual contains instructions on installation, safety precautions, general operating procedures, maintenance instructions and parts breakdown. Having fitted a new conveyor belt to the jet 1632 drum sander the older model its proving very irksome, if not a trifling difficult to set up the tracking. I dont have this machine but have fixed many aggravating conveyor belt. We specialize in klingspor sanding products with a vast array of woodworking supplies on hand.

Conveyor belts free delivery possible on eligible purchases. A 112hp, single phase, 110v, 14amp motor turns the sanding drum at 1725 rpm. Today, i found out that when jet purchased performax, they added some accessories to. The conveyor belt has been over tensioned for shipping purposes. Jet 606120 120 grit readytowrap abrasive sandpaper. A sanding belt conveyor suitable for use with the jet 2244 oscillating drum sander. Replacement conveyor belt fits the performax 2244 pro drum sander.

Fits the performax and jet 1632 prior to the new model jwds 1632 stock number 723520k introduced in the fall of 2016. These heavy cotton sanding belts replace your worn out drum sander conveyor belt. The jet jwds1836 drum sander incorporates a 4 hp 15 amp, tefc singlephase motor thats wired for 115volt operation and turns the sanding drum at 1,720 rpm. Feed belt for performax 2244 plus drum sander 2214x4738. All that said, despite the above mentioned problems the jet 1020 drum sander has sanded everything i. The jet 1632 plus drum sander incorporates two tefc motors. Abrasive belt tension must be properly adjusted before adjusting the tracking. I recently bought an older used performax 1632 drum sander. Please measure your existing belt length and width for correct sizing. Conveyor belts are frequently blamed for belt tracking problems and in most cases this is unjustified.

Sandsmart is the controller that runs the conveyor belt. To adjust the tension of the conveyor belt, first adjust the takeup screw nut figure 22 on. Jet 629004k 1632 plus 16inch 112horsepower open stand drum. I have been searching for the parts i need and i can get the belt and sandpaper but i have only found the dust hood on the jet site. Upgrading a performax 1632 to a sandsmart controller. Performax type readytocut readtowrap abrasive sandpaper rolls 3 inch by 35 foot each for 1632 drum sanders made in the usa. Made from high quality cloth backed industrial abrasive material, this conveyor ensures a long lasting a efficient conveyour belt for increased life. A precisionflattened reinforced steel conveyor bed holds the. As the company has expertise in its field for over six decades, todays jet tools can be regarded as some of the most sophisticated and innovative on the entire planet. I have a jet performax 1632 drum sander that just predates the addition of a sandsmart controller. Conveyor belt tracking belt tracking adjustment may be necessary during the breakin period and normal operation to compensate for belt stretching. I ordered the jet 1632 plus from woodcraft in middecember of 20. Jet tools operating instructions drum sander 1632 plus. Open coat aluminum oxide wood closed coat aluminum oxide metal zirconia.

It its 14 less wide than oem, so the tracking guides do not engage. Simple toolfree knobs let you adjust the drum parallel to the table to eliminate crowning and unsightly lines in the middle of panels over 16 wide. With the conveyor moving the stock, you can safely sand pieces down to 2 14long. If there are questions or comments, please contact your local supplier or jet. Your 1632 drum sander has features that will give you better results in less time in the years ahead. Supermax tools drum sander with stand, builtin digital read out, patented quick lever adjustment and turbo vented dust port model 1632. Install shelf j into legs h using carriage bolts and lock nuts. For more than 14 years, jet s 1632 drum sander with stand has been the brands most popular woodworking machine.

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