Bear bow limbs cracking

Rubber limb dampeners placed on the limb for a solid limb bow or in between the limbs on a split limb bow can reduce or eliminate any residual. Closer inspection shows that there is a thin black line runing horizontally across the bottom of my bow limb. Gradually, the bear moved closer and soon he stopped behind the leaves of some sapling trees 12 yards to my left. I would sit down at a table with lots of light and go over it looking for cracks in the limbs and the riser.

The customer service was great but it just sucks that the rut is starting and i havent shot my vertical bow. Just some slight almost like weathered cracking showing up in the finish. Barnett quad 400 limbs crackedpossible new xbow michigan. This type of stress cracking of the finish shows up over large areas of the limbs. The bows sound like a rifle going off, but they are smoking fast. There are over products listed here, so please scroll down or click page 2 at top or bottom of page. Get the best deals on fred bear recurve bows when you shop the largest online selection at. I have researched it on the internet, but i would like to know what you guys think about it. Traditional style presses that use rollers to apply pressure only to the mid section of the limbs cannot be used. Within 2 weeks of using the bow horizontal stress cracks started to appear in the finish on the lower limb at the fadeout. Cpsc recall remedy notice due to covid19 due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding covid19, some of the remedies identified in recall press releases may not be available at this time. I contacted three rivers immediately and the bow was exchanged for another one right away. It has some vertical cracks, very small ones but a few inches in length, in the fiberglass backing and fronting on the limbs. His spirit, vision, and craftsmanship have stood the test of time.

Sep 21, 2016 barnett quad 400 limbs crackedpossible new xbow. The serial number which is stamped on the lower limb pocket is b06624. Gotta watch those limbs hitting something for sure. The limbs flex when the bow is drawn in order to help store energy which is then passed to the arrow upon release. Make offer vintage rare bear archery bow quiver,double limb hook,leather bottom,copper,nice.

Big long vertical cracks make for a dangerous bow to shoot. This serial number works very well for dating bear bows from 19651969 when the first digit of the serial number is the year of manufacture. This sucks my crossbow limbs are cracking and i called tenpoint and i mailed my bow off today. Quick little how to for repairing a cracked selfbow limb. Every model bear bow made from 1953 to mid 1972 have the 1953 canadian patent for the working recurve design on the lower limb. No stress problems and the bear markings on the limbs.

If you want to try to fix it you can put loctite 420 in the crack using an insulin syringe. Most complaints seem to be about the finish cracking. Horizontal crazing doesnt look good, but the bow is usually ok, e. The craftsmanship was amazing, and the company took off. Its not in bad condition other than there are some stress cracks showing. Approved bow presses for the most up to date and accurate list, please visit your local bear archery dealer or. The biggest problem with recurve bows is improper stringing of the bow resulting in a twisted limb. Last year i bought a brand new bear super kodiak from three rivers archery. Compound bow limbs are under enormous pressure, even when the bow is at rest.

Bear archery makes a range of traditional recurve bows. Aug 06, 2012 i recently just got a bow from my uncle. Its fairly normal for an old bow to have some crazing like youre describing. The bow has black glass both sides with a good original finish. First, can you take a photo of the crack you mention so we can see it and know for sure what you have going on. I use urethane finish which isnt real hard but never cracks and is easy to touch up if need be. Our 2020 lineup features ultracompetitive bows that up the ante on performance and cant be found anywhere else. Bear archery makes some of the best hunting recurve bows on the market. A laminated glass recurve bow is composed of fiberglass that is finished with a clear sealer. Since the crack is horizontal on the limb you can have somebody watch it while you pull the bow back. What every bowhunter should be doing in march outdoor canada.

So any way i decide to shoot it a few dozen times and it hasnt exploded on me yet. How to repair hairline fractures in a bear recurve bow. Tuning a recurve, longbow, or selfbow for perfect arrow flight duration. Avoid anything with holes in the limb and cracks in riser wood. This is a patent date only, not the year of the bow. Fred bear takedown recurve risers 3rivers archery supply. After recurving this 61 hickory selfbow i noticed a crack on the belly of the bow and decided to strengthen the limb with artificial sinew. Detailed description of compound bow parts including the riser, limbs, cam. If youd like to refinish your laminated glass recurve bow, you have a pair of options. File the limbs, using the rasp, to 1 inch wide by 810 inch thick at the base, and. Weve seen bent risers, collapsed cams, torn cable bosses, cracked limb. Whether its a case for your traditional bow, stocking up on crossbow bolts, or you want to pay homage to mr. And i know a couple speed freaks that are shooting way too light arrows and even take off the string silencers for more speed. This vertical crack begins about 23 inches above the riser area of the bow.

Bear started more than 85 years ago when he made is first traditional bow. For example, a serial number of 5l212 would be a 1965 bow. My upper bow limb is fracturing and i have got some questions about it. The clear coat on the riser and limbs is kinda wearing, hazy and some light cracking, but its just the clear coat epoxy or poly of some sort. Bow tips and tricks for making your outofdate compound a topnotch.

Those wood risers were notorious for cracking if not kept in the right conditions. When fred bear established his company in 1933, he and a few other skilled woodworkers made bows one at a time. It was made before those tough boy limb systems came out. Apr 12, 2016 but if a bear wants to it can avoid stepping on the limbs and cracking them. It appears you have horizontal crazing on the back target side of the limbs. Not much to go wrong with recurve bows beside what gadgetgeek described delamination of the limbs, cracks in the limbs, and the more noticeable limb twist. After 4 years of abuse my carbon spyder 34 had 2 limbs begin to splinter. Bear archery produces a variety of bows, most notably traditional wooden recurve bows. Start with the string on every type of bow traditional, compound and. Horizontal cracks in the limbs are usually attributed to cracked finish and is safe to shoot, you can bend the bow on the floor and see if the cracks get any bigger. The camouflage finish was the only finish that you could buy on a grizzly from the bear factory in 1961.

Both ends of the limbs are connected by a string known as the bow string. Also all model bear bows have leather wrapped grips from the late 1930s up to 1959. The limbs are what generate the power behind the arrow, so they must have quite specific dimensions, depending on how powerful you want your bow to be. Found several archery forums stating this is normal for the bows of that time and it is fine to shoot. The classic design was years ahead of its time, and still to this day archers and bowhunters rave about its performance and versatility. The archery business begins using the name bear archery company. Shooting the bear take down recurve bow with bear arrows. I did that with my sl shooting too close to some tree trunks and when i shot, the limbs sprang out and slapped the tree trunks and cracked the limb like that. There was a loud popping cracking sound and the string suddenly lost tension. Fred bear himself with the fred bear knife tin, these items are designed to enhance your bear archery experience. Bear archery compound bows feature incredible adjustability and customizability for the price paid.

Scorpyds warranty will cover it, and they have a 1 to. Advances in technology in recent years have led to the design and creation of bows. I have found this malady particularly prevalent in the 1950s bear bows. Seemingly he didnt want to pass a stick or limb without stepping on it crack. They should shorten it a bit to make cocking a little easier. Dec 18, 20 i have owned and shot several older bear bows which had similar cracking and had no problems whatsoever. How to refinish laminated glass recurve bows our pastimes. Shop the most dependable and adjustable compound bows on the market. Do not draw your bow beyond its maximum draw length as damage to the limbs. How to tell if my compound bow has a limb crack or paint chip. As with all wooden bows, stress can cause fractures in the wood.

I inherited this bow about 1012 years ago, and in 2005 it cracked while dryfiring it. Fred bear takedown recurve bow limbs 3rivers archery supply. I have not used a presser in the last years, only adjusted its draw weight recently. The stress can cause the bow limbs to be pulled out of vertical alignment with the riser and each other. Most modern bow limbs are constructed of fiberglass or other composite materials with some being one solid piece and others consisting of several layers of. Another problem experienced by conventional compound bows is the torsional stress exerted on the bow limb by the pulleys. This will start a gap between the limb laminations and the riser. For sale is a set of early grayling number 2 limbs for a bear takedown. Oct 01, 2007 does anyone have a bear supermag 48, and if so how do you like it.

My description may not include all the specifics of the limbs that a professional would be able to identify. The bow is in nice clean good shooting condition with straight limbs and no defects. Nov 05, 2015 at long last this is my second attempt to make a recurve bow. A 1961 fred bear grizzly recurve bow in original condition.

Longitudinal cracks like that in fiberglass are commonplace in older recurves, and usually develop where the riser fades out into the working limbs, which corresponds to the location of that crack. Here, well take a quick look at using rawhide to patch a small crack in the back of an osage selfbow. I am thinking of getting one and would like to know more about it before i buy one. If it is on the front of the limb, away from you, the crack will get wider. Below, you can find a picture of the profile of the bow containing the upper limb which has the slight crack. I know most lauquer finishes will break down and crack. Get into the habit of regularly checking limbs for cracks, chips or splinters. A bows limbs are connected to the riser and to the bows cam system. Fred bear believed his takedown recurve bow was the finest bow he ever built. He said he had not used it very much at all and has derailed the bow twice. The bow and arrow is a ranged weapon system consisting of an elastic launching device bow. Here, well take a quick look at using rawhide to patch a small crack in.

Good luck with your bow this season, hope you put some meat in your freezer. Having owned over the years somewhere in the vicinity of 40 old longbows and recurves, this input is anecdotal experience based. With his ultimate bowhunting recurve, an archer could have it assembled and an accurate arrow on the way in 60 seconds. It doesnt receive the press the various kodiaks do but it certainly isnt a quality issue. Rated 1 out of 5 by aeshma from limb split after about 2030 shots limbs starting to split. The bear archery split limb design provides less mass on the ends of the limbs, adding increased smoothness and control. The limbs are straight and theres no holes drilled into it, or any other damage. Used and and preowned recurve and longbows bows for sale. I did that with my sl shooting too close to some tree trunks and when i shot, the limbs sprang out and slapped the tree trunks and cracked the limb. Bow restoration 101 courtesy don ward aka bow doc repairing hairline cracks in hardwood riser.

The bow has 1 scratch on upper limb above the grizzly decal that is less then 3 inches long and it is in the finish not the wood or fiber glass,i think it can be rubbed out very easily but. If it is a paint chip then the size will not change. So some 400600 wet or dry sandpaper and respraywipe. Vintage rare bear archery bow quiver,double limb hook,leather bottom,copper,nice. How to make an old bow new again bowhunting realtree camo. If the location is about 6 above each end of the riser, they are at the end of the fade outs which is one of the areas of the limb that flexes the most when the bow is drawn and shot. Ramon oceguera of rose city archery shoots and discusses the features of the bear take down recurve bow with the port orford cedar bear arrows at the 2015 archery trade show convention. This auction is for a hard to find left hand bear magnesium takedown riserriser only. My crossbow limbs are cracking and i called tenpoint and i mailed my bow off today. Crossbow problem, this sucks michigan sportsman online.

One of the greatest innovations of this bow is the single cam system, which offers tremendous accuracy advantages along with less noise, recoil, and weight. According to barnsdale, if the crack runs the with the limb, it is cosmetic and can still be shot, so it would not ruin your hunt. I have owned and shot several older bear bows which had similar cracking and had no problems whatsoever. After cleaning the bow up and removing the old accessories it did include a really nice vintage bear bow quiver, i strung the bow and noticed that these cracks emerged. Tenpoint said its about a 3 day turn around once they get it which is great too. How to tell if my compound bow has a limb crack or paint. Within a few weeks the same started to occur with the. Prior to 1965, the serial numbers for all bear bows were started over every month, making these bows almost impossible to date by serial number alone.

The 56inch highperformance length will comfortably handle personal draw lengths of 272829 inches. I purchased the bow 5 years ago so im not sure the limbs will be covered under warranty. Finishing a bow isnt too hard and the ones i have made or refinished turned out good. A recurve bow is a technological advancement of the longbow design, imparting more kinetic energy on the arrow through the curved limbs than that of a longbow. From this angle, you can see the crack has formed a. The limb lams eventually shrink away from the phenolic that is not affected by moisture or temp. When you talk to them its because the bows are pieces of junk. How to repair hairline fractures in a bear recurve bow gone. The guys at grafton archery and outdoors contacted hoyt and got. You can implement a basic process to fill the crack and maintain the structural integrity of the bow. Such bows, typically asian, would often use a stiff end on the limb end, having the effect of a recurve.

If there are, you should be careful about shooting it. So some 400600 wet or dry sandpaper and respraywipe of some new clear ought to make er shine again. If the bow limbs are not properly aligned, the bow will not shoot straight. Fred bear introduced many innovations to the archery industry, but perhaps none was more ingenious or groundbreaking than his famous takedown recurve bow. Get the best deals on bear takedown limbs when you shop the largest online selection at.

I would almost have to say that what your son did had little effect on the bow, bear makes some pretty tough bows. This bear takedown bow is designed to build the archers confidence by its pinpoint accuracy and power. Limb bolts must be backed out 3 complete turns prior to pressing a bow equipped with flare quad limbs and 4 complete turns for bows equipped with max preload quad limbs do not use this style bow press. Be alert for any ticking sound coming from the limbs as you draw the bow, this would indicate more serious damage and you should be very careful and not use this bow if you hear thatticking. Left handed 25 pound bow that is 60 inches long unstrung. The limbs are true laminates, unlike some compression molded limbs. Archery is a unique activity that has been practiced as both a sport and skill of hunting and warfare for thousands of years. Much of the stress cracking shows in the bow s finishand it appears much worse than it truly is. Preseason crossbow and bow tuning checklist kinseys outdoors. It will add life to your bow, as leaving a bow cocked for extended periods can cause cracks or breaks in the limbs.

They crack limbs on a regular basis and have done so on nearly every make of bow. Go to a really goodcal sign shop and see if the can make you a self stick posted of snow camo, say like 24 by 10 then you could carefully draw out the limb on the back side of the self stick posted cut it out and attach to the limbs one at a time. The guys at gander mt will probably not know a thing about that bow. The 10 commandments of crossbow safety grand view outdoors. After recurving this 61 hickory selfbow i noticed a crack on the belly of the bow and. Place the bigger string over the top limb and slide 610 inches on limb. You might want to check the tips and be sure there are no major or minor signs of delamination.

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